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March 8, 2018
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A Belated Father’s Day Post

The father-son relationship is a special thing. Not only do fathers want their sons to have their most important qualities. Fathers also want their sons to surpass them. It is through our dads that we learn how to lead—starting within the family.

My relationship with my father is characterized largely by love for cars. Just like most fathers and sons, we bond over the topic. We both dream of driving Ferraris and Lamborghinis one day. We’re both nitpicky about the smallest things such as which oil grade to use and which spark plug is best for our sedan. We both love a good sound trip over SLEX. We both drop jaws in excitement when a cool car comes up in an action movie.

When the day came for me to pick up the steering wheel, it was through dad that I learned the discipline needed to own a car. It sure is a lot of hard work and research. And cash.

My dad taught me how to change a tire. My dad taught me how to choose the right tire. He taught me to check all my fluids, and to not eat inside the car!  He taught me how to wash my car better than others. Rain or shine, night or day, a car needs constant cleaning. Discipline and responsibility is key.

Kung nahihirapan ka maglinis, mas mahihirapan ka magkomyut.”

My dad taught me how lucky anyone with a car is. What more for a college student? A car is a grand investment to which one should dedicate much time and energy.

In this late father’s day post, I thank my dad for teaching me the traditional values needed to own a car. The simple things, such as finding the right tire and maintaining it, all lead to our big dreams. The values of discipline, hard work, and responsibility are timeless and apply to all situations in life. Of course, we all have to start somewhere, and my dad gave me that start behind the wheel.

Belated Happy Father’s Day!

Photo from Pixabay