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July 23, 2018
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A Road of Fun

Before smartphones and tablets became popular, people played games to entertain themselves during long journeys. Games can help you learn fascinating things about your family and friends. They can also help you create new memories instead of being glued to your screen all day. Here are some of the best road trip games you can play with adults or with children.

  1. 21 Questions. No matter how old you are you can have fun playing this game. Just have one player think of a person, place or object while the other players ask questions to find out what they are thinking of. Though other player can interrogate, they are limited to 21 non-repeated questions. The questioner who correctly guesses what person thought of gets to start the next round.
  2. The Movie Game. Do you love movie trivia? Then this is the game for you! Player 1 must mention a name of a random actor then Player 2 must answer which movie he or she starred in. When Player 2 gets the answer correctly, he or she has to say another actor who starred in that movie. If someone gets it wrong then he or she will be out of the game.

    For example:

    Anne Hathaway — “The Intern”

    Robert De Niro — “Dirty Grandpa”

    Zac Efron —  “The Greatest Showman”

  3. Fortunately / Unfortunately.  It’s time to get creative players! The first person must think about something Fortunate about this trip. The second player must think of an Unfortunate event which should be related to the first event. You can think of something fictional or something true. If someone stumbles, they get a strike. Three strikes and you are out.

    For example: “Fortunately, we are going to arrive at our destination sooner than expected!”

    “Unfortunately, it has been invaded by the Chinese military”

    “Fortunately, we all like Chinese food!”

    “Unfortunately, they have no fortune cookies”

  4. Never Have I Ever… Feeling classy? Never Have I Ever is a classic game that everyone can join in. It’s really simple. A player must make a statement starting with “Never have I ever…” and then anyone who has done the statement must take a bite.
  5. Would You Rather. This game is a fun and simple road trip game. Simply think of any activity or think and ask other players which one would they rather pick. For example,

    “Would you rather be the funniest person in the room or the most intelligent?”

    Every player mu st say the reason why they made their choice.

Life is meant to be spent with friends, family and memorable adventures. Every morning is a new page in your story. Make it a great one! A friendly reminder from the Acom Fam.


Written By Megan Velasco

Edited by Josh Jimenez