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June 29, 2018
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July 9, 2018

Acom Sound Trip #1

One of my fondest memories was when I first heard the Oasis song “Stand By Me” through the speakers of my dad’s car. As the car transported us to Dad’s weekly barkada basketball games at Ayala Heights, the song transported eight year old me–who could barely see above the dashboard–to England. This began my lifelong fandom of the band Oasis and of music in the car.

In my case, a road trip is never complete without music. Music helps the driver never tire of the road. Music creates new adventures for the same routes on the daily grind. Every drive becomes a fresh experience you can call your one and only.

I now drive my father’s car. On my way to the Acom HQ this morning, I was singing my heart out to Ultraelectromagnetic Jam. This is a compilation album of hit songs and fan favorites by the rock band Eraserheads. Singing in the car calms my soul and kneads out the anxieties of a new day. The music also warms up my creative juices, helping me think of new ideas for the Acom MarkeTEAM. Music is my source of smiles and laughs in the morning, when I am faced with the rude and rowdy traffic. Sometimes, the morning sound trip can spell the difference between a good or a bad day.

Music will always be a part of the driving experience. Every motorist can attest to this! With this, we welcome you to Acom Soundtrip, your weekly dose of insights on music on the road. Our song for this week is “Stand By Me” by Oasis. This simple British rock song is one of the ultimate songs to drive and sing one’s heart out to. I invite you to make memories with this song as I have made memories with it.

Tune in next week for the next blog post!

Photo from Pixabay.