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July 26, 2018
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September 25, 2018

Acom Sound Trip #2

“Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.” – Plato

My morning drives are no longer trips through EDSA and into Caloocan for the Acom HQ. Since the start of the regular semester in UP Diliman, my morning drives have been from home to school or to the company I’m interning in. I’d like to say that I’m now back to regular programming as my summer as a part-time part-time student and a part-time marketing manager at Acom Trading is done, but that is not the case. This semester is shaping up to be an exciting and dynamic one, as it is my graduating year. I am juggling regular classes, thesis, practicum, writing for Acom, and acting in the upcoming Bintao under the direction of theater greats Tony Mabesa and Alex Cortez.

I will need reinforcements for this crazy ride. As I had suggested during the very first Acom Soundtrip, one way to start the day right is with great music! With all the acads and the extra-curriculars that need managing, I need good music during my morning drive. Sometimes, singing along to my Rock of the Road gets me in the mood for a torrent of work in my solid 12-hour workday. Most of the time, however, that torrent gets to me and I bring it home or until the next day.

This is where my favorite station, DZFE 98.7 or The Master’s Touch, comes in. It’s the Christ-centered classical radio station that brings peace to my morning and evening drives. It has a vast and eclectic playlist of all kinds of classical music, from easy listening to avant-garde. DZFE’s hosts and talk show guests have the most soothing voice, as they discuss faith, the Bible, and classical music. Did I mention that motivational speaker Francis Kong has regular segments here?

The musician in me becomes aliw whenever I tune in to this station. Classical music has a certain level of unpredictability and adventure that mainstream pop music does not have. This keeps me engaged in the music and on the road, and not on the stresses of life. Also, the elegance of classical music completely changes my environment. The imprudent Metro Manila traffic somewhat becomes more tolerable, and it sometimes seems like I am in a different country altogether.

The shows on The Master’s Touch are the perfect therapy towards a positive day. The topics range from simple musings about God in our daily life, to philosophical discussions on the Bible. The Master’s Touch also hosts news shows from BBC. It really is an exercise in elegance.

This radio station is often left on in my car. Whenever my friends ride with me as I listen to this station, they react weirdly. I simply tell them that with all the tumult in this world, the music in this station keeps my soul calm. They usually roll their eyes, but hey, it’s my car.

This is a friendly reminder from Acom Trading to find calmness in each day, no matter how busy you may be. Nothing beats a soul that’s happy.

Until the next Acom Soundtrip!