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September 25, 2018
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September 26, 2018

Acom Sound Trip #3

The month of September is important to many Filipinos as it signifies the beginning of our Christmas season! Indeed, for the happiest people in the world, the greatest of celebrations could not come sooner.

The 1st of September this year is a quiet Saturday. After a long week of school and work, I am relieved from the driver’s seat as I am in the back of the family car. Today is our grocery shopping day. While my week in the car was marked by the 80s new wave of 104.3 FM2 and the alternative rock albums in my phone, my sister is the primary disc–or rather–phone jockey of the car when it is family time. She plays her early 2000s R&B, and I’m brought back to grade school.

After some songs by Mariah Carey, I’m surprised she hasn’t hit “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” It is the 1st of September after all.

We arrive at the supermarket, and we go on with our routine. There is still no hint of Christmas as 90s radio hits and advertisements fill the aisles of the grocery store.

We finish paying for our groceries as a familiar barrage of Christmas bells and horns fill the air. It is in the key of F, and goes into a familiar harp riff. And as we slowly confirm our assumptions, the voice of Jose Mari Chan comes in with “Whenever I see boys and girls selling lanterns on the streets…”

Christmas has come and is slowly returning to our hearts. If, in our cars, we can easily listen to whatever we want and sing loud for ourselves, that is not the case with most public spaces. Supermarkets and malls will probably be alternating between Chan and Carey. And maybe some Wham–“Last Christmas I gave you my heart…”

These are songs that we Filipinos will never tire of.

Christmas is in season here in the country, whether we believe to be on time or not! In the Filipino spirit of oneness, we celebrate nonetheless.

This is a merry reminder from your Acom family to always find a reason to celebrate! A jolly good time, until the next Acom soundtrip!