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February 6, 2017
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How to Prepare for your Next Roadtrip

Summer is fast approaching, and yes, we are all too excited to visit our favorite spots once again. Ready to drift away from the heat and busy life of the city to familiar provinces and serene beaches, eager to take part in mountain climbing sessions for a cause or just to wander and discover places unknown.

However, to make all these dreams a reality, consider these 3 easy reminders in order for you, your family and your friends to have a long, enjoyable, smooth and hassle-free road trip!

  1. List down your itinerary.

Plan ahead your date and time of travel. It is advisable to be on the road past midnight till dawn as this is when vehicle counts are lowest. Also consider the day of your departure, it is usually on weekends that there are high chances of traffic encounters, especially Friday and Sunday evenings. In addition to that, make sure to book your desired locations at least a week before your travel date to avoid conflicts during your trip.

  1. Check your tires.

Tanks full, radiators cool, belts untorn. We’re all set! Uh-uh, not so quick! Don’t forget to check your tire pressure and treads. Your tires are your life line, you wouldn’t want to be in a highway with uncontrollable tires nor be on a hill with busted tires. Remember that far from the usual belief that the number on your tires is the number of pressure your tires should have, these numbers are actually the maximum number of pressure your tires can hold and if mixed with heat, it can actually result to a blow-up! Lastly, to make sure you’re all set, invest on a 5th tire.

TIP: Acom Trading tire dealers provide expert check-up services for your tires!

  1. Enjoy.

After taking into consideration the tips written above, never forget the most important component of this trip, ENJOY! These once-in-a-moment trips are meant to be savored, shared and remembered. Nothing is ever perfect in life, only perfect moments.

Article by: H. Carpio

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