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July 9, 2018
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July 11, 2018

Relationships and the Road

One for my baby, and one more for the road – Billie Holiday

Many couples admit to their loved ones in the car, may it be admittances of affection, of guilt, of hate, of commitment–you name it. Many romances bloom in the car and on the road. Many old souls part ways in here as well.

It is in this private sphere–quiet and comfortable–that we show our deepest, truest selves to our significant others. Usually, we don’t notice it. We are often focused on the road as our minds go off on a tangent on any topic under the sun. Driving with your girlfriend or boyfriend becomes a routine as you pass the same routes to and from school or work. In these daily moments anything can be discussed. A simple remark on your street’s parallel parking situation can become full-blown discourse on the Philippine road system as a whole.  Seeing your favorite actress on an EDSA billboard can become an emotional movie review of her last flick between you two.

The road can also be the lengthy period where you realize that conversations bore, connections sour, and the treads of the relationship are worn down. You stop laughing at his jokes. She stops singing along to your favorite songs on the radio; you start to really miss when she sings even if she’s always out of tune. There are more frowns as your petty fights become the main event. You forget to make each other happy and you forget that the competition in each relationship is who can give the most to their partner. Your romance suffers a slow death on the road.

What, then, does the road symbolize in the grand scheme of the relationship?

The road is everyday life for you two. It is the background to all the experiences you will have and all the troubles you will encounter. You often ignore the journey as simply the wait until your destination. We forget that it is the journey where we must invest in. What use is getting from point A to point B when the journey was a disaster? What use is arriving at your destination when your car is overheating, your tires are punctured, your suspension is a wreck, and your fuel tank is just sputtering what’s left? Gone is the positivity you hoped would be there. It is worth investing in each trip, in every day you two go through. It is the investment and the destination is simply the reward.

Everyday is a blessing, a new chance to not just say “I love you” but to show it. When you two reach your long-term goals, however far-flung they may be, you’ll realize that it is a result of the individual days you counted as blessings. Maybe it won’t work out. Maybe you two just weren’t made for each other. Perhaps the love was not enough to sustain the interest and the affection.

Maybe the relationship will work out too! Perhaps you’ll find the value in your idle time together, and not take it for granted as you did before. Perhaps you’ll learn to give again.

This is a gentle reminder from your AcomFam to always see each day as a blessing, and to take care of your relationships. Have a great day and God bless you!

Photo from Pixabay.