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February 6, 2017
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Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 – Wanli Tires | Acom Trading

Last January 13-15, 2017 – Wanli Tires again participated in the Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) 2017 that was held in Makuhari Messe, Japan. Having been the “strongest voice” of Chinese tires in the Japanese market, Wanli continues to advance globally and compete with international tires.

Alongside with its subordinate, Aptany tires, Wanli exhibited two models – Toyota 86 on a Wanli Tire Sport Series SA302 and Chevrolet Corvette (AKA “American Treasure Supercar”) on a Wanli Tire SR390.

This was the same Corvette that Daigo Saito drove in the 2017 D1 Grand Prix using the Wanli SR390 of which also helped him win the annual championship of the D1 Grand Prix 2016.

Introducing: Wanli SR390 Pole-Lead WANLI RACING sport car tire series.

Designed asymmetrically for good sharp turns, auxiliary circular grooves and trench for heat dissipation during high-speed running, and main wide circumferential grooves for rapid drainage.

The Wanli SR390 provides excellent performance of traction and turning, making it a “loyal partner” that gathers safety, durability, and controllability for drivers.


The little fans of Wanli Tires.

Wanli Tire is headed into accelerating and deepening its globalization strategy this 2017. It is expected that Wanli will keep on improving its strength and show the brand power of Chinese tires in the future.

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