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Why Waxing Is Important

As you scroll your Facebook or IG feed, you’ll sometimes happen upon the occasional “just waxed” car photo. An online friend of yours had probably just come from the detailing shop and you can practically see the whole environment being reflected on the car’s squeaky clean finish. You can feel the satisfaction of the person in how the person describes the new wax job. It’s as if the person himself had come from the spa. Such is the bond between man and automobile.

With that, there is definitely more to a wax job than just giving your car that squeaky clean look. A wax finish is your car body’s first line of defence from the elements of nature.

When cars roll out of the casa, they are always newly waxed and buffed. After time and constant pounding from Mother Nature, this wax layer fades off. This exposes the paint and here begins the slow process of permanent finish damage. The exposed layer of paint slowly reacts with oxygen in the process of oxidation–the same process that gave the Statue of Liberty its distinct green color. Your car is not the Statue of Liberty and there’s a low chance you’ll be satisfied with the changes. Oxidation dulls the paint permanently. This is the least damaging process that could happen to an unwaxed body, as acid rain, bird droppings, and UV rays can continue to batter your once magnificent paint job. This process can only be reversed by a repaint.

When then should you wax your car? It is recommended that you apply a full body wax every month, whether by hand or through buffing. Thankfully, waxing need not be expensive. A six month supply of body wax will cost you no more than 500 pesos at most. During the rainy season and especially as torrential outpours attack the country, the need to keep your car’s finish secure is amplified. Some people would think of it stupid to wash the car when it would just rain in a couple of hours. Some people would even think that the continuous rain is akin to a free wash job.

You’ll think otherwise when you find the body of the car dusty, grimy, and dotted with permanent water spots after the rain. Remember that rainwater is not particularly healthy for your finish. This is when more frequent full body washes with soap, clean water, and consistent waxing are needed. Truly, this is when your love for your car will be tested.

Tender loving care will always take some effort, but do know that you will be rewarded in the long run with a car that always looks and feels like new.


This is a friendly reminder from your Acom family to always take care of your car! God bless!